Alaska Airlines Enterprise Digital Experiences


Project Description

In 2016, I took on the challenge of leading the digital transformation of the airline operations. I recruited a design team that was focused entirely on creating high-quality digital experiences for our front-line employees. We were able to impact the efficiency of the operation in many ways, and increased employee satisfaction and excitement about the work we were doing.

Project Details

Client Alaska Airlines
Date 2016-2019
Skills Creative direction, team leadership, mobile design, product leadership

Creating a vision for change.

  • Pilots had iPads, but the basic apps created a fragmented user experience. In some instances, it was a dangerous environment at night in the cockpit.
  • Customer Service Agents (CSAs) were provided iPad minis and two internally built apps. Almost none of the CSAs found it useful.
  • Flight attendants were given iPhones, upon which my consumer app team had created the highly successful Block2Block app

This four-minute video is what we created to communicate the painful truth of every airline, and an opportunity to innovate in the flight industry.

So much opportunity to innovate in the industry.

Upon my departure from Alaska Airlines, we had delivered several high quality products that our users love. 

There were many other opportunities we had identified to create a foundation whereby we could connect the four major teams (Pilots, Flight Attendants, CSAs, and Maintenance) together with both data and communication to build a more transparent and collaborative teamwork during the turn of an aircraft. And connecting all this to our call centers would have been the next biggest step.